Alchemy Car Care Blog - The Washing Process

The Washing Range

With the ever-changing UK weather our vehicles can take a real battering from the roads. At Alchemy we've spent years concocting products to provide your car with the ultimate washing experience. 

In this article we'll discuss the car washing process which will return your car to its former glory. 


Alchemy Grime Citrus Pre-Wash

Alchemy Grime can be used across the whole exterior of your car. Spray on Grime and leave it to dwell for a few minutes before rinsing off. During the dwelling time, Grime will gently lift the dirt away from the paint allowing the clean water to safely rinse it off.

Grime is a concentrated formula, for the winter months when you may find you need a stronger concentration, you can opt for a ratio of 10:1 (Water : Grime), or for really stubborn dirt you could apply neat. For light soiling, a ratio of 100:1 will work well. Grime can also be used as an APC in the interior of your car.

Snow Foam

Alchemy Whitewash Snow Foam

Alchemy Whitewash is used through a foam lance with your pressure washer and will produce a thick, rich foam. You can watch as the formula gently lifts the dirt away from the paint.

Like Grime, Whitewash is a concentrated formula which can be used neat on really stubborn dirt, or diluted down with water depending on what you’re dealing with. We’ve found 5:1 (Water : Whitewash) is a good mix for tough jobs.

Car Shampoo

Alchemy Dirty Harry Car Shampoo

Then Alchemy Dirty Harry steps in to take over. This car shampoo has a gentle, wax friendly formula that is tough on dirt but gentle on paint.

Like Grime and Whitewash, Dirty Harry is a concentrated formula, versatile and great value for money.

Start by using a capful of Dirty Harry in a bucket and add water, apply to the vehicle with a mitt or wash pad then rinse clean. You can dry off with the Alchemy Dry Microfibre Drying Towel. 

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